Ayurvedic Constitution (Prakurti)
Self-Evaluation Chart

Enter 1 to 5  in the boxes based on that best applies to you: 

1 = "Not at all"
2 = "May be or slightly"
3 = "Somewhat"
4 = " reasonably, yes"
5 = "most definitely"

Please, remember that there are no right or wrong answers, so answer each one honestly as possible. Focus on general traits and characteristics which have been most prevalent in past year.
Please, do not base your answer on what you think should be or ought to be for you, rather base it on the past events and experiences. If possible ask your closet person in life to review your answers.

When you leave this web page, all the boxes will be reset to blank. Please print this page when you are done, or make a note of your totals.

Vatta Dosha

I have a quick mind and  learn new things easily
I tend to forget easily after a short period of time.
I am a lively and enthusiastic by nature
Under stress I tend be nervous or anxious
I tend to be overly sensitive or emotional
I am open to trying out new ideas and having new experiences
I love lively conversations and often speak quickly.
My thoughts are often dreams which I do not see through to their fruition.
I tend to move quickly. 
I get restless if not on move
My daily schedule of eating, sleeping or awakening varies from day to day
I tend to be slim and rarely gain weight.
My hand and feet tend to be cold
I tend sleep lightly and awaken easily
I tend to eat quickly and often finish before others at the table
My digestion is irregular, with frequent gas or bloating and prone to constipation.
I often forget to eat and loose weight, if not careful.
My skin is cool, rough, and dry.
My hair is dark, curly, and dry
I prefer warm weather

Pitta Dosha

I am proud of my work and focus on maintain high standard.
I am organized and perfectionist and have hard time tolerating mistakes
I sleep soundly and feel rested with less than eight hours of sleep
My hair shows early sign of graying or thinning or a tendency toward reddish color
My appetite is strong, and I need to eat regularly
I tend to have indigestion or heartburn.
I have sharp and "detail oriented" mind 
In general, I go over new information repeatedly until I have mastered it
I prefer not ask for help or assistance (when faced with a challenge)
I tend to be intense and have difficulty stopping once I have started doing something
I tend to perspire easily
I prefer cooler weathers
I tend to have sensitive skin and get sunburns or rashes easily
If I start something then I make sure that it is completed
I have strong will and of somewhat forceful in nature
Under pressure, I tend to be impatient and irritable
I can be critical and like to argue
I have tendency to become angry
I commonly have two or more bowel movements per day
Under stress/anxiety, I am likely to get "loose motions" than constipation

Kapha Dosha

I tend to be caring and forgiving by nature
I tend to be loyal and devoted in my relationship
I tend to accumulate things; I don't like to let go things even if I don't expect to use them again.
I have difficulty closing a relationship, even after it is no longer nourishing. 
I am a good listener, I tend to speak only when I feel I have something important to say.
I tend to be calm and steady by nature and rarely get angry
I tend to deal with conflict by withdrawing.
I tend to be steady, and methodical with consistent energy and endurance.
I tend to perform activities at a relaxed and steady pace
I like to maintain a routine and I have difficulty changing my pace 
I like to sleep eight or more hours daily, and I sleep deeply.
I learn new things slowly.
Once I have learned something, I rarely forget it
Given a choice, I prefer to observe rather than participate in a sports activity.
I eat slowly and enjoy food. I feel heavy and lethargic after food
My hair tends to be thick, dark or wavy
I tend to have difficulty getting going in the morning
I tend to have a tendency to have chronic sinus congestion, asthma or excessive phlegm.
My skin is usually soft and smooth
I tend to gain weight easily and have difficulty loosing extra pounds